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How to Respond to Facebook Data Breach

Facebook is once again in the news for another barrage of issues with what data it collects about you and the fact that this data has now been breached.  The question is:  How does this affect you and what should you do in response?

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Ushering in a New Direction

As a way to say “Thank You” for the Black Hills community for offering us tremendous opportunities we’re offering a 15% discount to all new customers between January 1st and March 1st, 2017 who sign up for any of our offered services

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End of an Era

While Microsoft has dropped hints that the Internet Explorer brand is going away, the software maker has now confirmed that it will use a new name for its upcoming browser successor, codenamed Project Spartan.

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Stop Typing, Start Talking

The easiest way to operate your PC is with your hands whether you’re navigating a touch screen, or using a mouse and keyboard. But for some people that’s just not possible, especially when it comes to typing.

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Beware the “Bash” Bug

Computer security researchers have discovered a flaw in the way many devices communicate over the Internet. At its most basic, it lets someone hack every device in your house, business or government building — via something as simple as your “smart” light bulb.

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Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

These keyboard shortcuts are not only useful for the average PC user but for advanced users as well. This article contains many such amazing keyboard shortcuts which if used properly could save a lot of time and effort.

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EHP Site Updates

New Look, New Direction

New look and new direction for EHP Designs heading into the latter half of 2013. With the advent and quick advancing of the “mobile user” we thought it best to update our look to match.

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